About us

We Maple Leaf Technology build world class software products. We believe in technology that create impact on normal people's life.

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Who are we?

As a profession I am Software engineer and thrive thorugh technology. Have more than 15 years of experience in software developement to team building to desiging solutions. Born and raised in India but currently living in USA. We Maple Leaf Technology made for SasS development.

About 1 year ago I decided that I was going to build a SaaS company from scratch. Before that I was looking for multiple options for investment like retail businesses or partnership with other existing business, but as a techie guy I did not feel satisfied after multiple discussion with future partners.

How Swiftly Call born? When I was in search of Lawyer in USA and I was doing surfing on internet in evening after my office hours. I called multiple law firms but no one picked my call as it was after working hours. I was keep forgetting to call them in office hours time throught the week because of busy office schedule. Then this idea came to my mind. How easy it would be if I can schedule call in office hours for tomorrow on my free time. And that is how Swiftly Call born.


Hiren Patel
Saroj Patel
Our Vision

Create impactful product which leave impact on small businesses.

Our Mission

At least 10K small businesses should provide great customer experience which will lead to higher customer satisfaction.

Our Goal

Bloom like maple leaf and create meaningful impact on other's life using technology. We belive in creating values for other.